Shifting Down a Gear

August 29, 2016  /   By Nicki  /   3 Comments

It is eight o’clock on a bank holiday morning and I have just arrived at my place of work. The air feels fresh after a weekend’s worth of raining and there’s a robin, slightly bedraggled from non-stop chick feeding throughout …

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Loving Summer and Maltesers

July 30, 2016  /   By Nicki  /   No Comments

The last day of July and it appears that everywhere I go there are flowers! Ok, maybe not everywhere as I didn’t actually see any in the bank yesterday and there aren’t any in the shower, but you get my …

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When is a Garden Not a Garden

May 29, 2016  /   By Nicki  /   1 Comment

End of May and it’s all about froth and pomp. (And Swifts) That verdant spring green, so longed for after months of wintery browns and greys, is being nudged away by an impending summer richness. Our hedgerows are stunning – …

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April 27, 2016  /   By Nicki  /   No Comments

This spring I have been particularly taken with the humble Forget-me-not. Blue seems to be a sought after colour in our gardens and at this time of year it is a delight to see a great froth of sky blue …

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Pompom Chicks and Dahlias

March 30, 2016  /   By Nicki  /   1 Comment

So our early Easter has been blown away by storm Katie, our supermarkets now sport shelves of reduced chocolate eggs and Simnel cakes and any knitted rabbits are being pushed to the back of the drawer along with the pompom …

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New Hat – No Pressure

February 17, 2016  /   By Nicki  /   No Comments

I love the diversity of my job. One day I can be spreading compost on herbaceous borders and next, wielding a drafting pen at my drawing board. I might then be up a ladder pruning some brute of a rose …

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Seriously Squelchy

January 10, 2016  /   By Nicki  /   No Comments

Do you remember when the water butts ran dry and that in September the ground was too hard to plant those first bulbs? No, me neither. Then again, who can remember wrapping up head to toe in double layer thermals …

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Something a Bit Different

December 7, 2015  /   By Nicki  /   2 Comments

Okay, so that was Autumn – it was pretty amazing though, wasn’t it?  Didn’t it break some record for being the mildest in a million years or more? Interestingly though, the first frost this season came on November 24th – …

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The Last Leaf

November 6, 2015  /   By Nicki  /   1 Comment

I’m still going on about this autumn, as those first few days of this month have felt like, well, felt like a proper November… … damp and misty with leaves drifting down to create vast skirts of reds, golds and …

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Just a Couple of Days of Rain, Please.

October 18, 2015  /   By Nicki  /   2 Comments

Autumn seems to be quite furtive in its arrival this year, sliding in on the heels of a summer that refuses to bow out. It seems that we have had weeks of low sunlight filtering through the gradually changing trees …

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