The Well Rounded Gardener

February 25, 2015  /   By Nicki  /   1 Comment

Shrove Tuesday came and went without a pancake in sight, just a biting wintry wind that pushed relentlessly into Ash Wednesday. Should I give up something for Lent I wondered, stooping to cut back the last of the perennials ready …

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New Year Head Count

January 14, 2015  /   By Nicki  /   1 Comment

Working in one of my favourite gardens on New Years Eve, I counted 14 different species of plant in flower. Some were expected such as the winter flowering Jasmine and the Chaenomeles (or Japanese Quince), but others were definitely out …

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A Christmas Carrot

December 16, 2014  /   By Nicki  /   5 Comments

Well I don’t know about you, but I’ve had my Christmas party – it consisted of a box of Christmas Santas eaten in one sitting while half watching something dire on the television. An office party doesn’t really ring any …

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What Lies Beneath

November 16, 2014  /   By Nicki  /   No Comments

I read a letter in a recent issue of the RHS Garden magazine which was in response to an article about ‘What is your favourite garden tool?’ I don’t actually recall what the tool was that this person favoured, but …

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Snipers and Armadillos in The Garden

October 12, 2014  /   By Nicki  /   No Comments

I seem to have spent a great many years grubbing about in the soil – I guess it’s part of my job description as a ‘Gardener’ – and it goes from full-on double digging to down on my knees and …

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That Autumn Clarity

September 13, 2014  /   By Nicki  /   1 Comment

The first leaves have been crunched underfoot, the juiciest blackberries nabbed and windfall apples are now starting to thud to the ground. Yup – autumn is slowly smoothing off the corners of those hot summer days. It’s all a bit …

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Nestling Among the Sweet peas and Cornflakes

August 18, 2014  /   By Nicki  /   2 Comments

I picked a fistful of Sweet peas today. They now sit in a small blue glazed jug on the kitchen dresser and fill the whole room with their scent. I shall probably pick another bunch tomorrow and more the next …

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There is Only One Heligan

July 14, 2014  /   By Nicki  /   No Comments

I’m not going to say where or when, not the time of year or day, not even the country – but I just have to say it… A moderately sized open garden with a small sign in one area proclaiming …

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The Wily Weed and The Gardener

June 14, 2014  /   By Nicki  /   No Comments

Ok, so there I am, mug of tea in one hand, pair of gardening gloves in the other, and I’m chatting with my client about how much I enjoy working in her garden. And in turn, she’s saying (and I’m …

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Haute Couture in The Spring

May 8, 2014  /   By Nicki  /   No Comments

It’s not fair. Every spring, Mother Nature churns out the same colours and dons the same attire and time and again we gasp at her perfection and complete loveliness. She’s got it all – the colours, the delicacy, accessories and …

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