Cherry Blossom and Speedwell

April 13, 2014  /   By Nicki  /   No Comments

This is the time of year when the quality of the birdsong is quite lovely. However, having said that, and having a large tree outside the bedroom window, my dictum does not begin at dawn. But it is a magical …

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The Antediluvian Gardener

February 5, 2014  /   By Nicki  /   1 Comment

For two weeks, I was in a wilderness. A wilderness that seemed devoid of trees or sustenance. That’s probably slightly over-dramatic – let me enlighten you… I think that I am slightly old school – I like to write letters …

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Violas versus Ponsettias and Reindeer Droppings

December 19, 2013  /   By Nicki  /   No Comments

It’s that time of year when I am journeying around the country being Father Christmas and delivering presents. But, thankfully, minus the white beard, reindeer and the ho, ho, ho-ing. It’s a silly time to be doing so much traveling, …

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Gathering Rainbows

November 30, 2013  /   By Nicki  /   No Comments

Raking up the glorious copper carpet of leaves from beneath the huge copper beech tree at the historic Broad Gate, my heart skipped from autumn to spring as there, poking their green bullet noses through the still-warm earth, were the …

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Everything Changes

October 20, 2013  /   By Nicki  /   No Comments

Shocked – shocked more than surprised – “But how can you leave your garden?” Well, I can’t exactly take it with me, can I? When it comes to moving house you remove all your possessions and leave an empty shell …

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So’wester and Wellies

September 30, 2013  /   By Nicki  /   1 Comment

When the pale pink Cyclamen first appear, it’s usually accompanied by a twinge of sadness. It is for me anyway. It’s one of the first signs of autumn – a delicate reminder, an elbowed nudge in the ribs by Mother …

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Take 5? No, take 10

July 27, 2013  /   By Nicki  /   No Comments

It’s amazing what you can do in your garden in just 10 minutes. No, no – this is to do with gardening – I’m not talking about downing half a glass of Pimms or ruining perfectly good food on a …

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Duck Billed Boots and Bees

June 30, 2013  /   By Nicki  /   No Comments

This month, with our gardens bursting forth while playing catch-up with Mother Nature, I have seen several little events and oddities. Nearly all I have wanted to share or at least log somewhere in my brain for a later date. …

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Come What May and a Few Snails

May 20, 2013  /   By Nicki  /   No Comments

May. It might only be a little word, but to me, May is a huge month – it is so full-on with a complete cacophony of pretty well everything – from colours to emotions, ups, downs, arrivals and departures… especially …

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In The Slow Lane

April 14, 2013  /   By Nicki  /   1 Comment

Everything seems to be in slow motion at the moment. Surely spring must be desperate to kick in by now. But all those tight cherry blossom buds seem reluctant to open more than a glint – like a sleepy half …

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