Seriously Squelchy

January 10, 2016  /   By Nicki  /   No Comments

Do you remember when the water butts ran dry and that in September the ground was too hard to plant those first bulbs? No, me neither. Then again, who can remember wrapping up head to toe in double layer thermals …

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Something a Bit Different

December 7, 2015  /   By Nicki  /   2 Comments

Okay, so that was Autumn – it was pretty amazing though, wasn’t it?  Didn’t it break some record for being the mildest in a million years or more? Interestingly though, the first frost this season came on November 24th – …

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The Last Leaf

November 6, 2015  /   By Nicki  /   1 Comment

I’m still going on about this autumn, as those first few days of this month have felt like, well, felt like a proper November… … damp and misty with leaves drifting down to create vast skirts of reds, golds and …

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Just a Couple of Days of Rain, Please.

October 18, 2015  /   By Nicki  /   2 Comments

Autumn seems to be quite furtive in its arrival this year, sliding in on the heels of a summer that refuses to bow out. It seems that we have had weeks of low sunlight filtering through the gradually changing trees …

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Grown up Planting and Green Tomatoes

September 13, 2015  /   By Nicki  /   1 Comment

Autumn seems to be gradually nudging away the summer with delicate cyclamen flowers appearing in pale pink drifts, blackberries growing plump and juicy in the hedgerows and my tomatoes staying stubbornly green. August whacked me with the usual mammoth tasks …

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Putting on my Seed Head

July 28, 2015  /   By Nicki  /   1 Comment

Mid-summer, and already I’m hearing complaints that there’s nothing left in the garden (apart from undesirable pests and black spot) – everything’s gone to seed, it’s all over, especially the roses, and that from now on it’s all downhill to …

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Bald Spots and Tech

June 18, 2015  /   By Nicki  /   No Comments

A couple of weeks ago I undertook a 4 hour drive to a part of the country that I was unfamiliar with, and on arrival at my destination walked into a garden that although I had never visited, I knew …

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Clinging to the Hind Leg of a Bumble Bee

May 24, 2015  /   By Nicki  /   No Comments

So far, May has been quite mad – everything’s blummin’ growing! Well, it IS May, so I guess it’s only to be expected. Tidy box hedges and topiary are now fresh green and frizzy and taunting my shears. Perennials have …

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Nibbled by Dinosaurs

April 12, 2015  /   By Nicki  /   4 Comments

It’s been completely out of character for our British weather – an Easter weekend that was not only dry, but sunny as well and I think it has had everybody swooning – not just from the warmth of the sunshine, …

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Nudging into Spring

March 15, 2015  /   By Nicki  /   No Comments

The spring equinox is on Friday and our typically unpredictable weather leading up to it seems to have been blowing hot and cold – literally. On one day I was working almost in shirt sleeves without the usual muffling up …

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