Putting on my Seed Head

July 28, 2015  /   By Nicki  /   1 Comment

Mid-summer, and already I’m hearing complaints that there’s nothing left in the garden (apart from undesirable pests and black spot) – everything’s gone to seed, it’s all over, especially the roses, and that from now on it’s all downhill to …

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Bald Spots and Tech

June 18, 2015  /   By Nicki  /   No Comments

A couple of weeks ago I undertook a 4 hour drive to a part of the country that I was unfamiliar with, and on arrival at my destination walked into a garden that although I had never visited, I knew …

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Clinging to the Hind Leg of a Bumble Bee

May 24, 2015  /   By Nicki  /   No Comments

So far, May has been quite mad – everything’s blummin’ growing! Well, it IS May, so I guess it’s only to be expected. Tidy box hedges and topiary are now fresh green and frizzy and taunting my shears. Perennials have …

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Nibbled by Dinosaurs

April 12, 2015  /   By Nicki  /   4 Comments

It’s been completely out of character for our British weather – an Easter weekend that was not only dry, but sunny as well and I think it has had everybody swooning – not just from the warmth of the sunshine, …

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Nudging into Spring

March 15, 2015  /   By Nicki  /   No Comments

The spring equinox is on Friday and our typically unpredictable weather leading up to it seems to have been blowing hot and cold – literally. On one day I was working almost in shirt sleeves without the usual muffling up …

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The Well Rounded Gardener

February 25, 2015  /   By Nicki  /   1 Comment

Shrove Tuesday came and went without a pancake in sight, just a biting wintry wind that pushed relentlessly into Ash Wednesday. Should I give up something for Lent I wondered, stooping to cut back the last of the perennials ready …

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New Year Head Count

January 14, 2015  /   By Nicki  /   1 Comment

Working in one of my favourite gardens on New Years Eve, I counted 14 different species of plant in flower. Some were expected such as the winter flowering Jasmine and the Chaenomeles (or Japanese Quince), but others were definitely out …

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A Christmas Carrot

December 16, 2014  /   By Nicki  /   5 Comments

Well I don’t know about you, but I’ve had my Christmas party – it consisted of a box of Christmas Santas eaten in one sitting while half watching something dire on the television. An office party doesn’t really ring any …

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What Lies Beneath

November 16, 2014  /   By Nicki  /   No Comments

I read a letter in a recent issue of the RHS Garden magazine which was in response to an article about ‘What is your favourite garden tool?’ I don’t actually recall what the tool was that this person favoured, but …

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Snipers and Armadillos in The Garden

October 12, 2014  /   By Nicki  /   No Comments

I seem to have spent a great many years grubbing about in the soil – I guess it’s part of my job description as a ‘Gardener’ – and it goes from full-on double digging to down on my knees and …

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